Letter to God

Levél Istenhez


  • 2014
  • Hungary
  • 30 mins
  • Hungarian

Short Film Competition

Tamas Yvan Topolanszky
Claudia Sumeghy
Krisztian Kovacs, Lidia Danis, Jozsef Toth, Janos Kulka, Alex Horvath, Laszlo Lengyel, Marton Patkos

Aladár lives in deep poverty with his wife and children on a farm far from the village. The driest summer of their lives endangers everything he has built for his family. Every day, he prays to God with his childlike prayers. And every day, their struggle continues. As his bitterness grows, he asks for rain like the world has never seen. Aladár gets his wish, but God works in mysterious ways…

Tamas Yvan Topolanszky was born in 1987 in Männedorf Switzerland. He studied Media Design at MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design. Feels. Tamas is passionate for classic Hollywood and all its contrivance.


2014 Hungarian Society of Cinematographers’ Award – Best Short Film 2015 Athens International Film and Video Festival 2015 Bermuda International Film Festival 2015 Budapest Short Film Festival
2015 Byron Bay International Film Festival
2015 Festival De Cannes – Court Métrage (Short Film Corner)
2015 Friss Hús 3.0 Short Film Festival
2015 Hawaii International Short Film Festival
2015 Hungarian Independent Film Festival
2015 Imago Film Festival
2015 LA INDIE Film Festival – Best Director, Best Short Film
2015 Long Story Shorts Film Festival
2015 New York International Short Film Festival – Grand Prize
2015- San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
2015 Sunscreen Film Festival

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