Assumption of Risk


  • 2014
  • United States
  • 97 mins
  • English

Feature Film Competition

Mark Kochanowicz
Mark Kochanowicz, Benjamin Kanes, Wade Ballance
Brian Anthony Wilson, Dan McGlaughlin, Patricia Mizen, Frankie Faison, Christopher Mann

Cutting edge technology spawns an enterprise of unimaginable greed which manipulates life and death as the ultimate profit-making tools. Using charts and medical history, actuary Wes Riemann can statistically predict how many years someone has to live. But it’s only a prediction. When he discovers the life insurance firm he works for has been canceling policies weeks, sometimes days before the policy holder dies in order to avoid costly payouts, he comes to grip with the impossible – that somehow, they know the exact date when someone will die. In order to prevent the firm from destroying any more lives, including his own, Wes will risk it all to discover an unbelievable secret.

Mark Kochanowicz began making movies when his neighbor lent him an 8mm camera to make shorts when he was 12 years old. His short films have screened in over 20 film festivals and have garnered him several film-making awards. He has twice been a grand prize finalist for the Shoot In Philadelphia (SIP) screenwriting award. “Assumption of Risk”, crafted in the style of the great suspense-thrillers of the 70s, is his feature-length directorial debut.


2014 Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival – Nomination for Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Frankie Faison)

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