Around Every Corner

  • 2015
  • United States
  • 115 mins
  • English

Feature Film Competition

Joe Gawalis
Joe Gawalis , Tim Reeves
Joe Gawalis, Michael Voight, Vanessa Koppel , Emilio Vitolo , Yaron Urbas, Gerard Cordero, Bryant Boon, Samantha Cole

A dissolute drug addict, John Cambioti (Joe Gawalis), clinging to life, reconnects with his torn apart family on the third anniversary of their parents’ death. John’s younger brother Michael and sister Cara welcome him back with open arms and try to help John for the better but his older brother Jimmy knows a dark family secret that tore the family apart and for which John was responsible. With the family’s help, John starts to turn his life around and the reconstruction of an individual and a family begin. But fresh starts aren’t easy to come by as the past has a way of returning when you least expect it. A touching story that truly shows anything can happen Around Every Corner.

Joe is an award-winning filmmaker and actor based out of New York City. Influenced deeply by his East Coast roots, Joe’s style of filmmaking reflects the people of the Big Apple itself. An actor’s director who develops deep and rich characters from the page to the screen, Joe has proven he is versatile in directing and writing multiple genres and attracting some of film’s big stars to his upcoming work.


2015 Northeast Film Festival (USA) – Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. Winner – Best Breakout Actor


Feature in

Morris County Daily Record

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