Children of the Wind

  • 2014
  • United States, Hungary
  • 5 mins
  • English

Vas-Zoltan Ivan
Zoi Florosz
Zoi Florosz

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This is a crossover music video–mini drama. Using music from Rags the Musical, it takes on the journey of all people who have to leave their homeland behind due to any kind of racial atrocity, political force or economical hardship. It’s about the struggle that is universal and the dreams and hopes for the upcoming generations; a very timely subject, as migration and exodus is globally a major issue we have to face.There are millions involved,but we shall see the individual faces. Dedicated to the Father of Zoi Florosz, who as a child was taken from his village in Greece by the Red Cross through the Greek Civil War to Hungary where he grew up.

Music by Charles Strouse , Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, arranged for this film by Ali Kerekes Music. Producer Janos Egri, Ali Kerekes, Musical Director Ali Kerekes

Award-winning filmmaker Zoi Florosz has been producing, shooting PBS specials, documentaries on sensitive and provocative subjects, music videos, feature films, fine art music videos, coordinating large camera crews on location worldwide, leading multi-camera studio shoots and conducting exclusive interviews. She is a versatile performer, singer, actress and dancer with classical music training in musical theatre and jazz and has headlined many solo concerts, dramas and musicals. Her dream is to create musical films.

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