Study Abroad 2: The Daydreaming Bunny


  • 2015
  • United States
  • 21 mins
  • Chinese and English

Web Series Competition

Yung-Jen Yang
Cathy Jiang
Yi Liu, Claire Hsu, Diodato Grisi, Anna Xu, Genevieve Thiers, Julie Chateauvert, John Cox

Romantic and naive art student Xiaotong, who’s studying in the US, is trying to earn money for her graduation exhibition to prove to her conservative family the quality and talent in her art. She’s been selling paintings on the street, drawing illustrations for magazines and doing other part-time jobs in order to collect enough money for the exhibition. With all this hard work, her only wish is to let her mother finally see her hard work for its artistic quality, and give her acceptance.

Originally from Taiwan, Yung-Jen Yang is a filmmaker and co-founder of the Study Abroad platform. He has MFA degree in filmmaking from City College of New York. The “Study Abroad” series inspires many Chinese international students, and was reported by a number of major media, such as NBC, Fortune Magazine, CCTV, etc. His horror film “Sweet Sixteen” won 4 awards, including Best Horror Film at the 2015 Winter Film Awards. As a director, he’d like to produce more movies and keep exploring the ways of portraying humans’ lives


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