• 2014
  • Spain
  • 11 mins
  • Spanish

Animated Film Competition

Pedro Solís
La Fiesta P.C.

Maria’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends. The film is full of nuances and it relates a tender story of a friendship between two very special children.

Pedro Solís is from Barcelona Spain and comes from the video game world, in which he has developed different tasks. He has worked from 3D Artist to co-producer on several titles of PC and short films like both Tadeo Jones short films. He works as Productor Manager for, whose pictures are distributed worldwide by Paramount Pictures. He has been awarded with two “Goyas” with his two short films,as director “La Bruxa” in 2011 and “Cuerdas” in 2014.


2015 Du Film Festival 2015 Court Villeurbanne (France) – Audience Award Strings has won over 150 international awards
including: 2015 Film South (Colombia) – Special mention
2015 St Cloud Film Fest (USA) – Audience Award
2015 Sao Tome FestFilm’14 (Sao Tome and Principe) – Best Animation Short Film
2015 International Shorts Film Festival Washington DC (USA) – Best Of The Fest
2015 Mini Big Media Festival (USA) – Best Animation Short Film
2015 Thurrock International Film Festival (United Kingdom) – Best Animation Short Film
2015 Animaevka –
2015 (Belarus) – Best Short Film For Children
2015 Pink City International Short Film Festival (India) – Best Animation

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