• 2014
  • United States
  • 19 mins
  • English

Winter FEAR Awards Horror Film Competition

Matt Sullivan
Matt Sullivan, Dena Schumacher
Malcolm Madera, Nick Fondulis, Rachel Napoleon, Joshua Everett Johnson, Andrew Broussard, Philippe Bowgen

Sobrevivo chronicles the struggles of a woman in a post-apocalyptic world. When April and her boyfriend’s safe-haven is compromised, the two must flee and search for a new place to call ‘home.’ After nearly losing her fight for survival, April in taken in by a trio of strangers. While the world outside of her new home is perilous, she begins to recognize that the dangers existing inside may prove to be deadlier and even more sinister.

Matt Sullivan was born outside of New Rochelle NY and studied film at Emerson College, where he worked on over 40 student films. As a student in 2006, Matt produced The Fabulous Felix McCabe, which was nominated for an MTV Movie Award. In 2006, Matt also interned for @Radical Media, personally doing script coverage for director Dave Meyers. He has a strong background in the art department, having worked on Castle, 24, & House. He is currently the COO of LMCTV, a public access television station.


2015 NY Scary Film Awards (USA) – Best Zombie Film


An interview with “The Slaughtered Bird’s” Bryan Stumpf:

About Winter Film Awards

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