Between The Lines

Die Postgötter

  • 2015
  • Austria
  • 30 mins
  • German

Short Film Competition

Florian Moses Bayer
Christoph Mayr, Martin Siuda, Markus Siuda, Matteo Attems, Patrick Fischer
Reinhold G. Moritz, Sophie Pfennigstorf

Harald Mayr is a devoted postman in a small village called Gaiswinkel. He is not only delivering letters, but also checking them. If their content doesn’t meet his moral standards, he amends them to fit. Day in, day out, he lives his routine, each discrepancy throws him easily off-track until he meets Lisa. She is a German seasonal worker and is first shocked by Harald’s activity. But Lisa succumbs to the appeal of “opening the envelope” after sharing some quality time with Harald. They develop a special relationship, but the intrusion in the privacy of individuals and letters leads to controversies.

After graduating from the Waldorf School, Florian Moses Bayer (born 1987 in Heiligenkreuz am Waasen in Austria) moved to Vienna where he established his center of life and work. He developed his directing skills as a student of Paul Hararther and was assistant director of Harald Sicheritz. As an independent artist, director, producer and scriptwriter, Florian created short movies, music videos and commercials. In parallel, he worked on several movies as assistant director and producer.

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