Robin Teaser


  • 2015
  • United States
  • 8 mins
  • English

Web Series Competition

Miguelina Olivares, Deshon Hardy
Miguelina Olivares, Deshon Hardy
Samantha Rivers Cole, Miguelina Olivares, Tiffany Brown-Tavarez, Alan Bendich, John Thomas

A Corporation by the name of EPILON DEFENSE INC. designs and sells sophisticated weapons. Soon after finding out that his Corporation is going into bankruptcy, CEO Fredrick Holland decides to experiment on two female subjects by the name of ROBIN and ALPHIE to turn them into super humans. After the experiment, ROBIN turns into a killing machine too dangerous for EPILON to control. ALPHIE wants to understand her, but will do anything to stop her from killing Holland and destroying EPILON. While these two super humans battle each other, ALPHIE and ROBIN turn into Holland’s obsession for money, power and the colonization of the new world

Miguelina Olivares is also known as French Kiss was born in 1987 in Dominican Republic. She grew up in New York City and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 2005, then finished her degree at TCI College majoring in Networking Technology. She enjoys painting, writing, acting, filming and music.

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