WinterROCKS 2018 Music Video Challenge #WFA2018

Calling all musicians and filmmakers
who want to be recognized worldwide!

We welcome all genres!

Calling all sponsors who want to support emerging artists,
and say they were there from the very beginning!
Join our first ever Music Video Challenge – an event you won’t find anywhere else!

WinterRocks 2017 Music Video Challenge

– About the Event –

Film is a visual representation of music; a music video tells a story set to music and allows you to see the words come to life. Winter Film Awards pairs emerging filmmakers from the tri-state area with the hottest emerging musical acts of all genres and challenges them to create a brand new Music Video from start-to-finish in just two weeks!

Completed videos to be screened by music industry professionals and the winners to be crowned at a glittering blowout red carpet & awards ceremony at one of NYC’s hottest clubs!

Sponsors, your product(s) can be shown in all videos! Contact Winter Film Awards for details!

– How it Works –

30 musical acts of all genres will be randomly teamed with 30 emerging filmmakers and will be challenged to create a brand new no-budget music video in just two weeks. To ensure the highest possible quality, each team has the opportunity to meet with the Winter Film Awards team half-way through to review their work and discuss possible improvements. Completed videos to be uploaded to the Winter Film Awards YouTube channel and promoted on social media where Teams compete for the coveted “Fan Favorite” award by racking up “Likes” on their video.

Music and Film Industry professionals, including industry veterans Lars Murray (SVP Music Industry Group at Pandora) Ed Steinberg (RockaMedia), Bernard Porter (PCG Nashville) and more will view the completed videos and choose the Winner and Runner-Up. Red Carpet Gala Party at a premiere NYC dance club on October 14 with an estimated 700 attendees, screening of all completed videos, awards ceremony, followed by an After-Party with a local DJ.

  • Musical Acts will apply to take part in the Challenge with a current original song. Selected Acts will be highlighted on the Winter Film Awards website and social media, with bio, photo and contact information plus embedded song.
  • Prospective filmmakers will apply to take part in the Challenge.
  • At Challenge Kick-Off, musical acts and filmmakers will be teamed at random. They will have just two weeks to create their Music Video.
  • There is a secret product placement element to the Challenge. Videos must incorporate a secret prop, such as a placed product, costume or location.
  • Completed videos to be uploaded to the Winter Film Awards YouTube channel and promoted on social media.
  • Red Carpet Gala Party at a premiere NYC dance club with an estimated 700 attendees, screening of all completed videos, awards ceremony, followed by an After-Party with a local DJ.

Why should you take part in the Challenge?


Benefits for Musical Acts

Emerging Musicians are so often held back by the cost of promotion, the incredible difficulty in getting their work in front of A&R folks, and quality music videos to showcase their act are so expensive!

Musicians benefit from the Challenge by receiving a full Music Video for just the cost of application in the Challenge, the chance for their work to be heard by top industry professionals and promotion by Winter Film Awards, Media, and Community Sponsors!

Benefits for Filmmakers

OMG, filmmaking can be incredibly expensive! All that gear and software can be way out of reach.

Winning Filmmakers to be awesome awarded equipment, software and activity prizes. Filmmakers also will benefit from exposure to the music industry and the opportunity to work with a new musical act.

Benefits for Sponsors

In addition to showing your support for emerging artists and helping us continue the work of our non-profit organization, Winter Film Awards will promote and advertise your sponsorship heavily in NYC and worldwide via social and traditional media and with music industry professionals. Via our partnerships, event notices will reach over 100k people!

Product Placement sponsor packages are available for inclusion in every video. For more information on event and primary sponsorship levels, and to create a customized package for your needs and goals, contact us!

Sponsorship Options

Promote your brand to over 50k potential customers! Get all the attention connected with a hip NYC event – an amazing opportunity to reach the NYC arts scene and potential customers worldwide!

Customize your outreach with numerous branding options and showcase your product via on-site tasting tables, product demos and sales presentations!

  • Mention on all social media and event invitations
  • Logo and hyperlink on Winter Film Awards Sponsor page, event pages, video and musician pages
  • Sponsored posts and social media
  • Company materials in VIP Swag Bags
  • Complimentary VIP passes
  • Customize your outreach as a prize, venue, gift, snack or spirit sponsor

Benefits for the Primary Sponsor

Primary sponsor also receives the following benefits:

  • Product Placement in all music videos created for the Challenge
  • Rights to record the awards/ceremony
  • Right to rebrand and show the videos on your website and other media
  • On-site branding, including banner placement, event program, onscreen advertising and trailers before Screenings and at Parties
  • Press release announcing partnership
  • Logo placement hyperlinked to your website on all event invitations and media announcements
  • Industry Exclusivity
  • Logo on Step & Repeat
  • Opportunity to present an Award at Awards Ceremony Gala to be held at one of NYC’s hottest venues
HorizonVU Music
Modern Pinball NYC
PCG Nashville
Sleep No More

About Winter Film Awards

WFA logo burr 181x60Winter Film Awards is an all-volunteer women and minority-run 501(c)3 organization founded in 2011, which celebrates diversity of local and international filmmaking. It was built with the dream of making diverse indie film more accessible to the public and providing driven, talented artists the opportunity to break through competitive barriers to establish meaningful careers in film. The focus is on showcasing emerging filmmakers from every age, ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, political and geographic perspective — while providing a stepping stone for all filmmakers, from students with blossoming careers to established industry veterans, to screen their work in front of a large audience and gain recognition for their achievements.

Every year, Winter Film Awards hosts an Indie Film Festival (February 2017), a Comedy Competition (January 2017), a Music Video Challenge (Summer 2017) and a 48-Hour Film Challenge (Autumn 2017).

For Additional Information, Contact Us!

Steffanie L Finn
Executive Director
Winter Film Awards
Tel: (415) 355-4371
Carolyn A. Schultz
Winter Film Awards
Tel: 917-525-3211
Dawn Mecca
Fundraising & Social Media
Winter Film Awards
Tel: (914) 255-4725


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