2015 Winter Film Awards Official Selections

WFA 2015 Logo4th Annual
Winter Film Awards Indie Film Festival
to be held Feb 25-28 in NYC

75 Films, 15 Awards, 1 Fantastic Weekend

New York City’s rapidly growing Winter Film Awards (WFA) Indie Film Festival, now in its fourth year, is establishing itself as a dynamic celebration of emerging filmmakers from around the world. The WFA team is proud to announce programing for their upcoming Festival and Awards Ceremony.

Among the 75 Official Selections to be screened at the Blue Diamond Theater in the heart of Times Square (777 8th Ave New York, NY 10036), is a diverse mixture of 6 documentaries, 32 shorts, 6 narrative features, 9 animations, 10 music videos and 6 horror films, including 15 student films, 25 female directors and representation from 27 countries.

Opening night for the 2015 Festival will take place February 25 with a filmmaker’s reception and kick-off party. The festivities continue February 26-28 with three packed days of film screenings, discussion panels, and networking events. The festival will come to a close on the evening of February 28th with a glittering Awards Ceremony and after-party at Club 230Fifth (230 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10001), livestreamed globally by Worldcast Inc.

A Ride toward the Sea

Animated Film by Damien Stein (France, 3 mins)

A Spring Has Passed By

Short Film by Eva Daoud (Syria, 7 mins)


Music Video by Mohammed Jassim (Kuwait, 4 mins)

Assumption of Risk

Feature Film by Mark Kochanowicz (United States, 97 mins)

Blood Drops of Love

48-Hour Challenge Film by Larry Rosen (United States, 7 mins)

Carry On

Short Film by Yatao Li (China, 17 mins)

Curse Of An Addict-Zanzibar

Short Film by Lovinsa Kavuma (Zanzibar/ United Kingdom, 25 mins)


Horror Film by Christopher Wells (United States, 11 mins)


Animated Film by Koen de Mol/Rick Franssen/Olivier Ballast (Netherlands, 5 mins)

Farah Goes Bang

Feature Film by Meera Menon (United States, 93 mins)

Fly on Out

Short Film by Robert Kolodny (United States, 6 mins)

Garden Fiend

Short Film by Julia Walter (Germany, 15 mins)

Generation ’89 – Growing Up in the Year of Change

Documentary by Anke Ertner (Germany, 71 mins)

Gimme Little Sign

Music Video by PM Romero/Scott Montgomery (United States, 4 mins)

Goodbye Papa

Short Film by Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt (Germany, 27 mins)


Short Film by Nicholas J. DeMicco (United States, 23 mins)


Short Film by Sarah Deakins (Canada, 15 mins)

H.O.P.E. Was Here

Documentary by Mark Denega (Peru, 58 mins)

Hands on Me

Music Video by Carlos Hurtado (United States, 3 mins)

Happy Hour

Short Film by Gretl Claggett (United States, 14 mins)

How It Feels

Music Video by PM Romero/Scott Montgomery (United States, 4 mins)


Short Film by Brigitte Drodtloff (Germany, 11 mins)


Short Film by Jessica dela Merced (United States, 19 mins)

I Wish We Were Dancers

Short Film by Mohammed Walid Ayyad (Kuwait, 9 mins)

Inner Child

Feature Film by Thomas Lee (Germany, 75 mins)


Horror Film by Roy Schweiger (Italy, 3 mins)

It’s My Beak

Animated Film by Seth Cooper (United States, 3 mins)

Just Like You

Short Film by Lovisa Lara Halldorsdottir/Margret Buhl (Iceland, 12 mins)


Music Video by Bryn Chainey (Germany, 4 mins)

Liber de Morte

48-Hour Challenge Film by Richard Lobrovich (United States, 6 mins)

Lion Kingdom

Short Film by Samuel Bassen (United States, 4 mins)


Short Film by Luca Zuberbühler (Switzerland, 13 mins)

Love City, Jalalabad

Documentary by George Gittoes (Norway/ Australia, 98 mins)

Love Out of Mind

Short Film by Aaron Fisher (United States, 12 mins)


Short Film by Sam Borowski (United States, 23 mins)

Metube: August Sings Carmen Habanera

Music Video by Daniel Moshel (Austria, 4 mins)


Animated Film by Arnold Arre (Philippines, 20 mins)

My Car And I

Documentary by Gautam Halder (India, 52 mins)

My Little Nut

48-Hour Challenge Film by Johan Perruchoud (United States, 7 mins)

Nesting Grounds

Short Film by Ian Scott McCullough (United States, 15 mins)

No Skywatching Tonight

Music Video by Alicia Maye (United States, 3 mins)


Short Film by Ivan Lowenberg (Mexico, 7 mins)

Out of Love

Short Film by Jon Ryan Sugimoto (United States, 15 mins)

P.S. I Can’t Breathe

Documentary by Rochelle Leanne White (United States, 20 mins)


Animated Film by Natalie Labarre (United States, 6 mins)


Short Film by Craig Singer (United States, 9 mins)

Point of No Return

Short Film by Stephanie Olthoff (Germany, 15 mins)


Animated Film by James Cunningham (New Zealand, 11 mins)

Pull Over To Kill

Short Film by Robbie Ikegami (United States, 16 mins)


Short Film by Caylee So (Burkina Faso, 9 mins)

Sacrificial Youth

Feature Film by Joe Losurdo (United States, 78 mins)


Feature Film by Junya Sakino (United States/ Japan, 82 mins)


Music Video by Ciara Hehir (Australia, 4 mins)

Silver Screen by Morebarn

Music Video by Julie Gratz (United States, 3 mins)

Something You Can Call Home

Documentary by Rebecca Kenyon (United Kingdom/ United States, 74 mins)

Spoilia Oceani

Music Video by Stephen Banham (Australia, 5 mins)

Spoke For

48-Hour Challenge Film by Chris Sciacco (United States, 6 mins)

Stuck for a Reason

Short Film by Larry Rosen (United States, 7 mins)

Sweet Sixteen

Horror Film by Yung-Jen Yang (United States, 9 mins)

The Belief

Animated Film by Amir Vahedi (Iran, 2 mins)

The Hopper

Animated Film by Alex Brüel Flagstad (Denmark/ Germany, 17 mins)

The Jelly Wrestler

Short Film by Rebecca Thomson (Australia, 15 mins)

The Magic Bracelet

Short Film by Jon Poll (United States, 19 mins)

The Man From The City

Short Film by Elias Plagianos (Greece, 11 mins)

The Man Who Fed His Shadow

Short Film by Mario Garefo (Greece, 18 mins)

The Redwood Massacre

Feature Film by David Ryan Keith (Scotland, 82 mins)

The Secret Life of Balloons

Short Film by Lauren and Nina Graham (Northern Ireland, 10 mins)

The Star Fishing Boy

Animated Film by Chuanshu Shi (United States, 12 mins)

The Visit

Short Film by Mohamed Karim (Egypt, 15 mins)

Three Holes And A Smoking Gun

Feature Film by Hilarion Banks (United States, 89 mins)


Horror Film by Marc Martínez Jordán (Spain, 10 mins)

Tokyo Halloween Night

Short Film by Mari Okada (Japan, 23 mins)

Touching Life

Short Film by Carolin Färber (Germany, 18 mins)

Use Me Up

Short Film by Dawn Alden (United States, 10 mins)


Animated Film by Lu Yang (China, 11 mins)


Short Film by Yolanda Centeno (Spain, 9 mins)

Winter Film Awards (WFA) is a volunteer-run and operated 501(c)3 organization dedicated to showcasing emerging filmmakers and the celebration of the diversity of local and international film-making. For more information on tickets, schedules, sponsors, film descriptions and more, please visit www.WinterFilmAwards.com and find us on Facebook.

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